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Flaunt your Bra Straps, like Lady Gaga

Strappy bras by Marlies Dekkers reinvent the underwear-as-outerwear trend.


Lady Gaga wearing a Marlies Dekkers bra.

Lady Gaga wearing a Marlies Dekkers bra.

Photo courtesy of Marlies Dekkers
Lingerie designer Marlies Dekkers is reinventing the underwear-as-outerwear trend. Her sexy, bondage inspired bra and panty sets have peek-a-boo cut-outs and straps that are often too numerous to hide. The chic bras are designed to be flaunted -- and often are, by pop stars like Lady Gaga and Shakira.

Don't worry if you're not into the underwear-as-outerwear trend -- or over the age of 22 -- you can still pull off this look.

The Do's and Dont's of Showing your Bra Straps:
  • Not All Bras are Meant to be Seen: Unless you're a teenager or pop star, it's not fashionable to show parts of any 'ol bra in public. Know how to spot the bras that are stylish enough to reveal -- and distinguish them from those that should stay covered up.

  • Which brands should you flaunt? Bras by Marlies Dekkers, for example, look stylish because they often have extra straps and design elements. Marie Jo L'Aventure is another brand that makes bras fancy enough to show off. One style has beads on the staps, and resembles a swim suit top. Other brands also make bras with beaded straps, or straps made from satin ribbon.

  • Fully Commit to the Trend: A visible strap looks best when a large part of it is fully revealed -- so there's no doubt that it's showing on purpose. Your bra strap shouldn't look like it is sliding out from under your top by accident.

  • Wear Bold Colors with Black: Try pairing a bra in a bright color with a black sleeveless bandeau top, an off-the-shoulder blouse, or sleeveless dress. Boldly colored bra straps will pop next to black, and will look even better against tanned skin.

  • Dress Up a Tee: A black Marlies Dekkers bra, like the one shown in the photo above, can transform a plain, black tee into a hip outfit for a night out. Wear a tee with a neckline just low enough to reveal a small part of the strappy design that adorns the top of the bra's cups.

Still Not Convinced?

If more lingerie designers decide to follow suit and make bras with prettier straps, think of the benefits for women: No more stressing over how to keep straps hidden; forget having to frequent the ladies' room to constantly adjust a strapless bra; and, no more searching for the right convertible bra.

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