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A Corset or a Bustier - What's the Difference?

Corsets and bustiers may look similar, so what's the difference? Here's the short answer -- a corset will "cinch," and a bustier will "boost"...

Find the Right Bra Style
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Journelle to Launch a Collection for Fall

Thursday March 20, 2014

Journelle, one of my favorite lingerie e-tailers, is working on creating its own lingerie collection - but it won't launch until Holiday 2014.

It's big news in the lingerie industry, because the company seems to have "stolen away" a lingerie designer from Victoria's Secret.

In addition to selling online, Journelle has three brick-and-mortar boutiques in New York City. They carry lots of bras and lingerie in very pretty styles - including some very racy ones - by many hard-to-find European brands.

I can't wait to see previews of Journelle's new collection...stay tuned.

Photo: Courtesy of Journelle, check out the e-tailer at Journelle.com

Superhero Underwear is Everywhere

Saturday March 1, 2014

Lately, it seems like there's sexy superhero lingerie and cute comic-book-inspired underwear everywhere I look.

Check out these sexy styles inspired by superhero movies.

Or - Wonder Woman lingerie ...or these Superhero Corsets.

And the trend isn't just about brightly colored bras and panties - it's more literal. Underwear manufacturers are partnering with companies like DC Comics and Marvel to bring 'official' licensed styles to all different types of retailers.

Yes, styles like these - sort of - were always around. Remember Underoos in the 80s?

But I've never seen so many different types of superhero underwear for grown women, available everywhere - and not just at ThinkGeek.com.

The long-lived trend has also been brewing for years.

Back in 2011, the folks at Victoria's Secret went with a comic-book theme - and the VS Angels wore superhero capes to strut down the runway. Then, fashion designer Phillip Lim was so into the look that he actually wrote a comic book to accompany his Fall/Winter 2012 collection. Lim's clothes that year were bright colorful prints, including a top with an oversized 'ka-pow!' graphic that Beyonce once sported.

But comic book characters first started infiltrating the fashion world way back in 2008, when even Vogue's stylish Anna Wintour - shockingly - donned a superhero-inspired gown at the famous Metropolitan Museum of Art's annual Costume Institute Gala, to celebrate the opening of Superheros: Fashion and Fantasy.

Now, bright comic book hues are fashionable again - like these runway looks from Ralph Lauren's Spring/Summer 2014 fashion show.

I don't see the trend slowing anytime soon.

A new Marvel superhero mini-series for Netflix begins filming in NYC during the summer of 2014, which will no doubt inspire even more comic-themed merchandise, including clothing and lingerie. (BTW: Check out this really cute 'Pow' ring by Forever 21.)

And now we can all look forward to Ben Affleck in the movie Batman vs. Superman, which also begins filming this summer. I also heard there will be a superhero-themed skit at this year's 2014 Academy Awards on Sunday, March 2nd. (Dish on what the celebs are wearing during the show with me on Twitter, at @LingerieGuide)

Since the trend has now trickled down to our skivvies...

There are panties, bras, corsets, robes, camis and even waist-cinchers adorned with comic-book-inspired prints and superhero logos.

Some of these styles will make you feel like you're dressed up in a superhero costume - like the Captain America bustier shown above that looks like it's a Halloween costume. (Although, a sexy lingerie costume isn't always a bad thing - anyone into role-playing?)

But most of the superhero lingerie in stores now are styles that are very wearable, and designed to function as everyday undies - for instance, the Wonder Woman string bikini shown above, in sexy red lace.

So if you've got a significant other who's a little bit of a geek - or just really into comic books - have a little fun by revealing this Superman waist cincher when you unbutton your blouse. 

You can also proudly wear a Batgirl panty and be a secret supporter of the 'Geek Chic - 'Superhero' trend.

PHOTOS: FIRST: The 'American Dream' bustier at Yandy.com; SECOND: Top, a Wonder Woman lace string bikini; bottom, a Batman Garter panty, both at SuperHeroStuff.com. THIRD: The Superman waist cincher by Castle Corsetry on Etsy.

The Low-Back Strap

Thursday February 27, 2014

What do you wear under a low back or backless dress?

Try the Low Back Strap, available at Nordstrom. It can be attached to any bra, turning it into a low back style.

Stay tuned for more bra and shapewear solutions - and more suggestions for what to wear under every type of outfit.

Follow @lingerieguide on Twitter - I'll be commenting during the Academy Awards on March 2nd.

Do you think any celebs will be wearing Spanx underneath their fancy Oscar dresses?

Photo courtesy of Nordstrom

What's Your Underwear Saying?

Thursday February 13, 2014

I saw this Valentine's Day card at Urban Outfitter's in NYC and thought it was so funny...

But it's not totally true! High waist briefs can be just as pretty (and fashionable) as a sexy red bikini...which is a style every woman needs, BTW.

So whether you have a big date-night to look forward to on February 14th, or you're hanging out at home, maybe you should to consider whether you're sending a subliminal message with your underwear choice?

But seriously, lingerie brands have so many cute styles for V-Day this year.

Here's some of my favorites, in these photo-stories...  Cupid's Cutest Styles for Valentine's Day, and the sexy red - and hot pink - styles featured in Valentine's Day Lingerie. And don't forget your legs - here's a few cute pairs of Stockings with Hearts.

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