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A Corset or a Bustier - What's the Difference?

Corsets and bustiers may look similar, so what's the difference? Here's the short answer -- a corset will "cinch," and a bustier will "boost"...

Find the Right Bra Style
Lingerie Spotlight10

Q&A With a Corset Designer: Puimond

What is it like making a corset for Madonna? Find out from Puimond, of Progressive Corset Design, who also explains why some women adore this waist-cinching style.

Lingerie Gifts for a Bridal Shower

Perfect lingerie gifts for a bridal shower.

Bras for Plunging Necklines & Backless Dresses

There's no need to go braless when you're wearing a skimpy dress - try one of these supportive bra solutions, made for low backs and deep V-necklines.

Naughty Knickers: Panties with Sexy Backs

See-through lace, cut-out panels and fancy bows and open backs - these skimpy 'lil panties are designed to highlight your 'rear.'

What's a Tap Pant?

Did you ever wonder exactly what a tap pant is? This lingerie style is pretty - and comfortable - with a with a little bit of retro-glam...

Why You Need a Sexy Slip

Why should every woman have a slip? It's a sexy style that's also functional - here's what it can do...

Need a Sports Bra?

Did you know there are different sports bra styles that are best to wear, depending on your activity? There are - here's how to find a sports bra for every size

VS Launches New Sports Bra

Victoria's Secret new KnockOut Front Close Sports Bra is like two bras in one...

Why Pasties Aren't Just for Burlesque Dancers

Pasties are a sexy little lingerie solution that can provide a little modesty - or be flashy with Burlesque-style tassels - here's why you need them...

How to Keep Pasties On

Pasties - did you ever wonder how a Burlesque dancer keeps these little concealers on? Here's three types of adhesive...

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