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A Corset or a Bustier - What's the Difference?

Corsets and bustiers may look similar, so what's the difference? Here's the short answer -- a corset will "cinch," and a bustier will "boost"...

Find the Right Bra Style
Lingerie Spotlight10

Bras for Halter Tops & Dresses

Find the right type of halter bra for all your halter tops and dresses.

Bras for One Shoulder Dresses and Tops

A sexy one shoulder dress needs the right type of convertible bra that will stay hidden underneath - here's the right bra to wear with this dress...

Q&A With a Corset Designer: Puimond

What is it like making a corset for Madonna? Find out from Puimond, of Progressive Corset Design, who also explains why some women adore this waist-cinching style.

Lingerie Gifts for a Bridal Shower

Perfect lingerie gifts for a bridal shower.

Bras for Plunging Necklines & Backless Dresses

There's no need to go braless when you're wearing a skimpy dress - try one of these supportive bra solutions, made for low backs and deep V-necklines.

Naughty Knickers: Panties with Sexy Backs

See-through lace, cut-out panels and fancy bows and open backs - these skimpy 'lil panties are designed to highlight your 'rear.'

What's a Tap Pant?

Did you ever wonder exactly what a tap pant is? This lingerie style is pretty - and comfortable - with a with a little bit of retro-glam...

Why You Need a Sexy Slip

Why should every woman have a slip? It's a sexy style that's also functional - here's what it can do...

Need a Sports Bra?

Did you know there are different sports bra styles that are best to wear, depending on your activity? There are - here's how to find a sports bra for every size

VS Launches New Sports Bra

Victoria's Secret new KnockOut Front Close Sports Bra is like two bras in one...

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