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6 Ways to Tell If Your Bra Fits


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Look in a Mirror, Check the Gore
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When you wear a bra that fits correctly, it will be comfortable and supportive -- all day long. Plus, you will instantly look better in all your clothes.

Who wouldn't want that?

But, sometimes it can be hard to tell if a bra fits the way it should. Learning how to measure and figure out your correct bra size is just one part of getting a good fit.

Follow these 6 simple steps, and you'll be able to decide if a bra fits -- all you need is a mirror.

Fit Test #1: Check the Gore
  • What's the gore?
    The gore is the center panel of an underwire bra -- the part of the bra that connects the cups in the front, between the breasts.

    Not all bras have the same type or size gore, and some styles don't have this part at all. But if your bra has an underwire, then the gore will always be the part that's 'center front' -- and it should typically lie flat against your body.

    The experts at Bare Necessities.com call it a Center Gore, and point out that it can be stretchy -- or not. According to the website, if the gore doesn't stretch, then the bra will be much more supportive. But -- it will also have a wider width measurement, which may or may not be right for your body type.

  • How to Check the Gore's Fit:
    Move around -- is the gore rising up off your chest?

    This is a common sign of an ill-fitting bra. The gore should stay flat against your sternum, even as you move around, bend over, or lift your arms up over your head.

  • When the gore doesn't lie flat, the cups may be too small, or the bra style may not be a good fit for your body type.
    However, every 'rule' has exceptions.
    "Minimizer bra styles tend to not rest against the breastbone, and this is fine," says Tomima Edmark, founder and CEO, HerRoom.com.

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