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Stockings with Hearts


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Perfect Tights to Wear On Valentine's Day
Photos: (L) American Apparel; (R) Yandy

How cute is it to wear hearts on your tights?

Okay, the look might be a bit much for some, but they are perfect to wear on Valentine's Day.

Mini Hearts on Sheers: These sheer black pantyhose feature miniature embroidered hearts, which are subtle. I think they look adorable - plus, it's not too much because the hearts will resemble polka dots unless you're up close. And - polka dots are trendy for Spring 2014.

These pantyhose are called 'Luxe Hearts' at American Apparel.

Queen of Hearts: If you want everyone to know how much you love February 14th, pair these with a little red dress for the holiday and you'll look like Cupid's ambassador.

So if that's the look you're going for, these were made for you. They're available at Yandy.


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