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5 Ways to Wear A Corset & Look Fabulous


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Everyday Look: Over a Blouse, with Pants
5 Ways to Wear A Corset & Look Fabulous
Photo © Puimond Progressive Corset Design

A corset is equally appropriate for a bride as it is for a burlesque dancer -- what other type of lingerie can you say that about?

It will shift effortlessly from underwear to outerwear, and back again. Depending on the style, a corset can even be a stand-in for your bra and your top.

Wear a Corset Over Your Blouse

Try wearing a corset laced up over a pretty blouse. When you wear a corset over a soft cotton top, it'll feel comfortable against your skin -- even when it's tightly laced.

The model in the photo above is wearing a leather corset, called the Curvy Underbust style, by Puimond Progressive Corset Design. It's the brand's best selling style for waist-training, according to the designer.

The blouse has a ruffled front and pleated puff sleeves. Paired with the corset's warm brown tone, the outfit makes me think of a 'saloon girl' in the 'wild west.' The blouse's delicate feminine feel is a nice contrast to the sleekness of the leather.

Pair It With Pants

Jeans, or any other type of slim-fitting pant, will look great with a corset. It's an outfit you can wear anywhere, everyday.

If you were to substitute a full skirt for the pants in the photo above, the outfit might go from 'cool' to looking too much like a costume. Plain pants 'ground' the look a little bit, making it look more practical -- with a touch of 'cowgirl.'

One tip: When wearing a corset with pants, make sure it's long enough. It should overlap your pant's waistline a little -- it may look funny if it ends too high. (Unless you're going for a sexier show-some-skin look).
But, typically a corset will extend beyond the waistline, to the hips (which is different from a bustier), so it will pair well with most types of pants -- even low-waisted jeans.

Check out the 4 other stylish ways to wear a corset -- next up: Under a Vintage Dress.

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