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How to Wear Lace Bike Shorts


Inspired by the Original 'Material Girl'
Lace bike shorts by Material Girl, sold exclusively at Macy's.

Lace bike shorts by Material Girl, sold exclusively at Macy's.

Photos courtesy of Macy's

I love anything in black lace.
So when I saw these lace bike shorts, I was very excited because they're like a tribute to the sexy see-through fabric. They have a sporty and comfortable wide elastic waistband, with a cool "M" logo. (Vendor's Site)

They're part of the 'Material Girl' junior collection at Macy's.

This collection was created by the original Material Girl and her teenage daughter Lourdes 'Lola' Leon. The line includes an Intimates collection that Madonna fans -- and their daughters -- will adore.

How to Make it Outerwear
These lace bike shorts are the perfect type of underwear to wear as outerwear.
They will even look stylish if you're not a teenager -- if you're lucky enough to fit into a junior size.

And, they can be worn in so many ways.

The first photo above shows the bottom part of the lace shorts purposely showing underneath a short denim skirt. The contrast of a heavy fabric like denim, with delicate lace, is an awesome combination.

Why It Works
See the frayed hemline on the denim skirt?
The key to looking hip when you're wearing layered items is to make sure everything you're wearing doesn't look too perfect.

Layering is a little bit of a messy style, by nature.
When all of the items that you're layering have perfectly finished seams and hemlines, your outfit will look 'forced' and unnatural. It won't have the hip messy look that layering sometimes requires -- and a little bit of "grunge" is necessary when one of your layers is black lace lingerie.

It's much more hip to wear clothing that looks more "lived in" -- even if you bought it that way. So, when you're letting your lingerie show underneath layers of clothing, look for distressed features like: frayed hemlines, ripped jeans and torn T-shirts.

You can also "distress" any item of clothing yourself -- to let your lingerie show a little bit more.

Other Ways to Wear Lace Shorts
You don't need a denim skirt to make these lace bike shorts look great.

Try them under super-short daisy-duke shorts. Or, underneath longer shorts or jeans that are torn in strategic places, so the lace shows through.

And, blue denim isn't your only option. Try wearing them with black or even white denim.

They'll also look great if you let them show underneath a body-hugging pencil shape skirt, fancy slip, or A-line skirt with ruffles.

More Reasons to Love These Shorts
They're not only pretty -- they're practical.
Even if your skirt isn't short enough for them to show, they can help conceal your private parts when your dress is too sheer.

Plus, you won't have to be so careful about "sitting like a lady" when you have shorts on under your skirt.

But I think I love them most because these lacy shorts bring back a memorable 80s fashion moment -- reminiscent of Madonna's style, back from how she looked on her very first album cover.

Remember when the mega pop star's signature look was an armful of black rubber bracelets, with messy hair, and black bra straps that were always visible? (If you're old enough to remember!)

Back in the day, Madonna paved the way for the underwear as outerwear trend -- and since then, so many other celebrities have let their underwear show.

The Queen of Pop (who I call the Queen of Lingerie) has helped play a role in changing lingerie's role in fashion, forever -- and how every woman wears it. (Or at least for me, anyway.)

And it's funny that now Madonna's clothing and lingerie, inspired by her iconic style back in the day, can now be bought Macy's. Finally.

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