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Marilyn's Lingerie: What Michelle Williams Wore


What Katie Did's Retro Styles Create Bombshell Curves
Marilyn's Lingerie: What Michelle Williams Wore

Actress Michelle Williams looks like a bombshell beauty in the 2011 movie, My Week With Marilyn.

Photos: (first and last) Laurence Cendrowicz/The Weinstein Company; (middle) What Katie Did

How did Michelle Williams get such bombshell curves, when she starred as the blonde bombshell in the 2011 movie, My Week With Marilyn?

It took the help of a few key pieces of lingerie, I suspect. I'd bet the most important curve-enhancing item in her costume wardrobe was the bullet bra.

Now I don't know for sure which exact bra she wore - it's not like I was asked to visit the set. (To the movie's producers at The Weinstein Company: Did my invite get lost in the mail?)

But, I'd go so far as to say Williams is wearing a bullet bra under her blue dress in the photo above. I'd even guess that it's the peach satin bra shown, by What Katie Did.

I'm not psychic - and I don't have special powers to see through Williams' dress. But I did speak to the folks at What Katie Did. They told me which styles they sent over to the set when someone from the movie's fashion department called to ask for "50s style undergarments."

When transforming Williams' petite body into a woman with Marilyn's bombshell curves, every detail mattered - right down to her underwear.

And, you can tell. Williams would not have looked so curvy if it wasn't for the right type of shapewear and bra. A woman's hourglass figure in the 50s looked a lot different than it does today, because underwear styles fit differently back then.

The lesson: The right lingerie can change the fit and look of any outfit you're wearing - for better or worse.

Want bombshell curves? Try a bullet bra.

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