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Different Types of Thong Underwear

G-strings, tangas and Brazilian boyshorts all have thong style backs.


Different Types of Thong Underwear

A leopard print Cheeky Panty by Victoria's Secret.

Photo courtesy of Victoria's Secret.
Different Types of Thong Underwear

A G-String, front and back view.

Photo courtesy of Nordstrom.
Different Types of Thong Underwear

A lime green thong - front and back view - by Agent Provocatuer.

Photo courtesy of Net-a-Porter

Are you looking for a panty style that's super-sexy, and hot-date-worthy? The Thong meets all this criteria.

Or maybe you have more practical reasons to shop for skimpy undies. Trying to hide panty lines? (Surprisingly, the high-waist brief often does the trick when it comes to the dreaded VPL.)

But if you have your heart set on shopping for Thong underwear, there are many different styles and variations to choose from. Get to know a little about them before you shop.

First, the basics...


A thong is an underwear style that doesn't cover your rear. Instead of a normal back, this panty usually has a back that starts at the waistband in a V-shape, but it quickly becomes just a narrow strip of fabric that leaves your entire bum exposed.

Many women swear by the benefits of thong underwear, and like the fact that they are excellent at hiding panty lines, even under skin-tight jeans. Plus, comfortable thongs do exist.

The Thong Panty has several sexy variations...


G-string underwear is similar to a thong, but even skimpier. It's the most revealing type of underwear.

Instead of the triangle-shaped piece of fabric in the back, at the waistband, which tapers off to a narrow strip of fabric like a thong has, the back of a G-sting panty is literally just a string. The string back is attached to the waistband. And even waistband of often just a string, too.

The front of a G-string can look similar to a thong, made with just a skimpy upside-down triangle-shaped piece of fabric.


When a panty looks like a bikini in the front, but has a wide thong in the back, it's called a Tanga.

The back of a Tanga panty isn't as skimpy as a traditional thong, because it's wider and covers slightly more of your butt cheeks.

Some brands call a Tanga panty a Cheeky, or a Brazilian Bikini.


I never heard this term used to describe a panty by any brand until now - check out Eberjey's.
You'll also find entire pages of styles the eTailer HerRoom.com calls Thong Boy Panties.

A 'Thong Boy' is very similar to a Boy Short Thong, (and some retailers stick to using this name), but it's often skimpier. It's a panty with boycut legs, and a thong style back. It can be as comfortable as wearing a brief, combined with the invisible-panty-line benefit of a Thong.

Some brands call this style panty a Cheeky or a Brazilian Boy Short.


Many brands now make underwear called the Cheeky Panty. The style seems to be trendy, especially for Fall/Winter 2013.

The style is often similar to the Boy Short, because it has very wide sides - but there's one major difference. The leg is very high cut, especially in the back - to purposely expose your butt cheeks.

Often, the back of a cheeky panty is cut into a V shape, instead of a curve. This is how part of your butt cheeks ends up getting exposed. Any panty style with a V-shaped back is usually called a Brazilian style, although underwear that's called Brazilian is usually skimpier than a Cheeky style.

Some brands are making Cheeky Panties that look similar to a bikini in the front, with higher cut sides in the back that provide less coverage for your rear. This style is also called a Brazilian Bikini by some brands - or the Cheekini, according to the folks at Victoria's Secret, but its version is more of a skimpy bikini than a thong. VS even has Cheeksters, as well.

Whatever style Cheeky Panty it is, this type of underwear is sexy - in a playful way. It's also racy, but you don't feel over-exposed because of the panty's full coverage front and sides.

This type of underwear might look really cute, but I'm not sure how practical it is. I don't think it would hide panty lines very well, since the bottom edges seem to be in the worst place on your bum to stay hidden. They may also show panty lines under tight-fitting clothes. But, it all depends on the brand and fabric. As soon as I'm able to test a few I'll post some reviews.


There are a few more panty styles that have thong style backs - the Brazilian versions.

There's the Brazilian Boy short, and Brazilian Bikini, just to name a few...

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