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Panty Styles

Do you know the difference between a Brazilian thing and a G-string?
How high is a high-waist brief? How low is a low-rise bikini?

Or...maybe you're looking for a seamless panty that won't show lines under clothing? Or how about a style that will help flatten your tummy?

Here's a guide to help you find the panty style for you - whether you're looking for a high-waist tummy-shaping brief, a sexy lace bikini, or comfortable thong underwear.

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There are so many different types of thong underwear - here's a few...

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Sexy & Racy
The latest lingerie news, from all over the globe. New designer collections, bra launches, fabric innovations, new types of shapewear -- and, the trendiest lingerie styles celebrities are wearing.

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Our Guide to Women's Issues brings to light how difficult it is for women trying to shop for lingerie in Saudi Arabia.

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Our Guide to Weird News explains why a woman once sued Victoria's Secret.

GPS Lingerie?
Our Guide to Weird News compares the new 'GPS lingerie' to a modern chastity belt.

How Pink Panties Got Political
Our Guide to Women's Issues explains how thousands of pink panties were once sent to a Hindu extremist group in India, to stand up for women's rights.

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All About Panty Styles
Everything you need to know about different types of panties.

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10 bikinis in sexy styles

10 Sexy Brazilian Style Panties
Brazilian-cut underwear - 10 sexy styles

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