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What's Your Lingerie Personality?

4 lingerie personality types, and what your underwear choices say about you.


Did you ever buy a sexy little red lace thong - or something similar - just because you thought it was pretty? You completely ignored that little voice in the back of your mind that was whispering "you'll never wear it - ever."

You bought it anyway, because maybe you wanted to give your lingerie drawer - and your life - an upgrade. So maybe buying that little red thong actually revealed a part of your personality that needs a little more excitement? C'mon, dig deep.

I do believe that in the same way a pair of heels will make you walk taller, literally - and alse more confidently - wearing the right bra and underwear can do the same. A sexy lacy matching set can help you exude confidence until you're literally glowing, from the inside out.

Or - maybe that's just your face turning beet red because you're embarrassed to be wearing your skimpy little thong, even though no one else can see it? It may be making you uncomfortable in more ways than one.

If that's the case, the style just wasn't right for you - it doesn't match your lingerie personality.

If you're anything like me, maybe you never even wear some of the lingerie styles you buy. Maybe that little - and expensive - red thong quickly made its way to the back corner of the lingerie drawer, never to be seen again.

We've all made fashion mistakes, and probably have the proof hanging in our closets. Underwear is no different - especially for those of us who love to shop for lingerie.

So here's why you need to know your lingerie personality. There are lots of sexy and pretty bra and panty styles out there. Find the one that's right for you, by getting to know yourself a little better first.

And then you'll be shopping for new underwear that won't ever be banished to the back of your drawer.

What's a Lingerie Personality?

First, the basics, in case you're wondering.

If you didn't know you had a lingerie personality, you do. Every woman does. Even if you stick to buying white cotton briefs - guess what that says about you? You're revealing your practical side.

The style choices we make every day - from our hairstyle right down to our undies - says a lot about who we are. So, isn't it always fun to get to know ourselves a little better?

But as much as I enjoy the guilty pleasure of an occasional quiz in magazines like Cosmo, which reveal the ever-important information about whether I'm more of a flirty tease or hopeless romantic, this guide to finding your lingerie personality is a little different.

When I came up with these questions to ask yourself, I wanted you to really get to know your own personal style a little bit better. It just comes down to simple likes and dislikes.

Your answers will reveal which lingerie personality type that fits your personal style the best. But I created each lingerie personality to be more of a shopping persona - a guide to know more about which styles to buy, so you can avoid wasting money on the skimpy little things you'll never wear. (I apologize if my lingerie personalities aren't as fun - or outrageously ridiculous - as a Cosmo quiz!)

Just remember - there is no "rule" that says you are just one personality type, so read through all the questions. That's the most frustrating part of all those other types of quizzes - the fact that I could easily see myself answering each question completely different, depending on my mood that day. So don't think anyone is ever just one type - we all have many sides to our lingerie personalities, which are fun to reveal.

Hopefully, this guide will help you some of you to stop wasting your money on lacy red thongs if all you really want to wear is a comfortable cotton brief - and vice versa.

When you're done here, move on to Your Lingerie Personality, Part 2, to find out more...

Are You Addicted to Lingerie?

You're a trendy fashionista. Shopping is a sport for you - and if it were, you'd be in the major leagues. You love to try on racy lingerie styles, just for the fun of it. You're addicted to the sexy and powerful feeling you get from wearing fancy lace - and have bras to match all of your outfits.

You know you are addicted to lingerie when..

You always try to match your bra to your top, and your undies.

You believe women should wear lace every day.

You own more than two pairs of thigh high stockings.

You know the difference between different garter belt styles.

You own more than one bra with 3-part cups.

You know the difference between a balconet and a bralette.

You can hold up a bra in the store and know instantly if it's a balconet or traditional push-up style.

You currently own - or have at least tried at one time - most of the different types of panty styles, including g-strings, or thongs, bikinis, briefs and boyshorts.

Your depth of knowledge about panty styles includes every subtle variation -- like the cheeky boyshort and brazilian thong.

You have purchased a corset - or, a steel-boned one, one custom made-to-your-measurements.

You know who Marlies Dekkers is.

You know all about the designers who have made Madonna's corsets and bustiers.

You often sleep in a babydoll or chemise.

You watch Victoria's Secret fashion shows every year - and, haven't missed an episode of Double Divas.

You can't wait or Valentine's Day, to check out all the cute pink and red styles printed with hearts.

You have at least one pair of bikini underwear that has a message printed on your butt.

You're a devoted fan of the blog, The Lingerie Addict - and read it religiously.

If at least 6 of the above traits describes you, what's your lingerie personality?

I think you may have a full-fledged Lingerie Addiction.

Your Lingerie Personality: Are you a Comfort-Craver?

Feeling good is sexy to you - and if your lingerie looks as good as it feels, then that's just a bonus.

Your style is cool, confident and effortless. You know the secret to looking good is wearing underwear that fits well - because it'll make you feel even better. You know how to channel your inner beauty.

You're a practical shopper who would rather be doing anything else than shopping for lingerie. Although you enjoy the occasional splurge on a fancy bikini, for the most part you stick to buying the basics. Your lingerie drawer is filled with everyday styles - especially seamless T-shirt and wire-free bras.

You're a Comfort-Craver if...

Time is a luxury for you, not fancy underwear - so you look for styles that are easy to wear. And the faster you can find styles that are right for your body type, the better.

You sometimes think your life's mission has been to find a more comfortable bra.

You would rather be doing anything else than shopping for lingerie - you just want to find flattering styles that fit, is that too much to ask?

You love to stock up on 6-packs of bikini underwear when you find a good sale.

You're a label reader - you like to know what your lingerie is made from before buying.

You're a fan of eco-friendly organic materials like cotton, and want to know more about "green" lingerie brands.

Soft wire-free bras and seamless T-shirt styles fill your lingerie drawer.

You're excited about the latest high-tech lingerie styles that are super-functional - like bras made from aloe-infused fabric and seamless "invisible" undies that don't show lines under clothing.

Pretty camis often peek out from underneath your blouse.

When you shop for hosiery, you always look for tights made form comfortable microfiber, without a control top - and you're not a fan of thigh-highs, either.

You don't own a garter belt.

You consider steel-boned corsets and bullet bras to be old-fashioned torture devices.

Whenever you do wear shapewear - which is not very often - you prefer Spanx or another comfortable shapewear brand that offers seamless styles that are easy to wear.

If at least 4 of the above traits describes you, what's your lingerie personality?

I's say you can consider yourself a Comfort-Craver.

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