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Madonna's New Lingerie, Truth or Dare


A Preview of the New Styles
A few styles from Madonna's upcoming lingerie line, Truth or Dare.

A few styles from Madonna's upcoming lingerie line, Truth or Dare.

Photos courtesy of Iconix Brand Group

My name for the Queen of Pop -- the Queen of Lingerie -- will soon be more legit.

Truth or Dare Intimates is expected to launch "sometime in the near future," Madonna tells Women's Wear Daily.

Truth or Dare is also the name of Madonna's new fragrance, created in partnership with Coty Prestige. It launched at Macy's on April 12, 2012.

The 2 illustrations above are a sneak peak at the styles we may soon see in stores.
The black lace bra and bikini above are emblazoned with tiny crosses, in places one might expect a little bow. I especially love the high waist brief with the big red heart on the back. Another one of my favorites, which isn't shown, is a retro style leopard print bra and brief.

MDNA Tour Costumes
Madonna wears this lingerie on her MDNA concert tour, which has US dates lined up beginning at the end of August, 2012.

Some of the other lingerie-inspired looks Madonna is wearing in concert this year feel like a flashback to the 90s -- remember her iconic conical bra?
(I don't think a version of this extreme design by Jean Paul Gaultier would ever be reproduced for the masses, unfortunately.)

Creating The Looks
Madonna partnered with Iconix Brands to launch Truth or Dare Intimates -- the same company that launched the Material Girl junior apparel line.

Madonna collaborated on the design of all of her tour costumes -- including the Truth or Dare items -- with her long-time fashion stylist Arianne Phillips.

Phillips commented on the Truth or Dare collection, in a press release:
"It was super exciting to create pieces we have always wanted and needed, and that reflect the "DNA" of who Madonna is. And it's so great to create designs that people can buy and have a little bit of Madonna in their own life."

I can't wait to feature the entire lingerie collection -- I'll link to it here, when it becomes available.

The Buzz 'Her Madgesty' Creates
If the demand for the Agent Provocateur bra she wore (in a photo on the inside of the MDNA CD) is any indication of how well the new lingerie line will do - that bra has long been sold out, in many sizes.

And where would Madonna be without a sexy scandal?

In true Madonna fashion, the racy commercial for the Truth or Dare fragrance shows Madonna in a corset and harness - and was originally banned by the ABC network, according to the NY Post.

I can't wait to see what the commercials for the new lingerie collection are like.

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