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Fun Facts About the Million Dollar Fantasy Bras by Victoria’s Secret

The most expensive, cheapest - and the Supermodel that wore it best.


Model Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum, when she flashed guests of the The Tonight Show with Jay Leno audience members, wearing one of the sexiest VS Fantasy Bras, in 2003 - appropriately called the VS Very Sexy Fantasy Bra.

Kevin Winter/Staff/Getty Images Entertainment
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Tyra wore one of the sexiest VS Fantasy Bras in 2004, called the VS Heavenly '70' Fantasy Bra - and its 70-carat diamond in the center was sold to a buyer.

Photo: Victoria's Secret

Giselle, in the VS Red Hot Fantasy Bra in 2000 - the most expensive one ever made, which was valued at $15 million.

Photo: Victoria's Secret.

At first, it was called the Million Dollar Bra by Victoria’s Secret – and then the names kept changing. Now they’re called Fantasy Bras. And they’re always dripping in jewels.

A different super-expensive, one-of-a-kind bra is made every year by a different jeweler, for the team at VS – and it’s usually the star of the Victoria’s Secret annual Holiday catalog, as well as the annual VS Fashion Show. (Here’s a preview of the 2013 VS show, which aired on December 10th.)

Since the Fantasy Bra is always custom made to one lucky Supermodel’s measurements, the Victoria’s Secret Angel chosen to model it that year often makes several appearances at different photo shoots – and even sometimes hits the late-night talk show circuit, like Heidi Klum did in 2003 (see photo).

What happens to the Fantasy Bras after the show?

Even though one Supermodel / VS Angel is chosen to model the Fantasy Bra each year, they don’t get to keep it. In fact, the bras usually don’t even stay in one piece. (I realize this sort of ruins the fantasy of it all, a little bit!)

But here’s the reality – the jeweler who made the bra will sometimes take it apart, to recover all of the diamonds, gemstones, gold and/or platinum used in its design.

There are always a few exceptions - the VS Heavenly '70' Fantasy Bra of 2004 (shown on Tyra)  had a 70-carat pear-shaped centerpiece that was sold to a buyer.

A few more fun facts...

MOST EXPENSIVE: $15 million - the VS Red Hot Fantasy Bra, worn by Gisele in 2000. (shown).

SECOND MOST EXPENSIVE: It's a tie - at $12.5 million - between the VS Sexy Splendor Fantasy Bra of 2005; and the VS Heavenly Star Bra of 2001.

CHEAPEST: $1 Million - the first one VS ever created in 1996 - the VS Million Dollar Miracle Bra, worn by Tyra Banks.

FLORAL STYLES: There have been 3 designs based on flowers, so far - the VS Dream Angel Fantasy Bra of '98; the VS Star of Victoria Fantasy Bra of 2002; and the VS Floral Fantasy Bra of 2012.

SEXIEST - My Pick: It has to be a tie among all the see-through ones – there were 3 - the VS Very Sexy Fantasy Bra of '03 (shown, on Klum); the VS Heavenly '70' Fantasy Bra of '04 (shown, on Tyra); and the VS Sexy Splendor Fantasy Bra of '05.

When these bras were photographed on the models, certain private parts were ‘photo-shopped’ right out of the picture, for modesty.

Tyra never wore this one on the runway - but when Gisele and Heidi wore theirs layered over a red bra for modesty.

MOST BORING - My Pick: I'd have to say the very first - the VS Diamond Dream Bra of '97. It's just plain white satin, with diamond trim. It's also the only strapless Fantasy Bra VS ever made. (Sorry Tyra, you still looked so glamorous in it!)

FIRST FANTASY BRA EVER MADE: In 1996, Claudia Schiffer got to wear the first - the VS Million Dollar Miracle Bra.

FIRST SHOWN ON THE RUNWAY: The VS Heavenly Star Bra of 2001, modeled by Heidi Klum..

UGLIEST - My Pick: I don't like how the two see-through bras above looked when layered over a red bra on the runway - but even worse, I think, is the VS Dream Angel Fantasy Bra of '98.  The 'embroidery' made from jewels is pretty - but the bra itself is so plain, and white.

MY FAVORITE: Up until 2013, it was the VS Hearts on Fire Diamond Fantasy Bra. I love the way it sparkles. The way the diamonds are cut makes them glisten and shine, so much. 

But, I think the Royal Fantasy Bra of 2013 just out-ranked it. I love this bra's gemstone colors - especially the deep pink rubies, mixed with bright gold.  

What are your picks for Best and Worst? Tell me on Facebook.  




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