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Top 10 Comfortable Wire-Free Bras


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Comfortable and supportive styles you'll want to wear everyday.
Top 10 Comfortable Wire-Free Bras
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Is comfort a top priority when you're shopping for a new bra?
When I'm lounging at home, the last thing I want to wear is a fancy bra, with underwires.

Here are my top ten comfortable wire-free styles. Try one of these, and you may even forget you're wearing a bra.

Wacoal's 'Smooth Bralette'

This bralette by Wacoal is perfect for lounging at home, but depending on how much support you need, you may be able to wear it anywhere.

It's the perfect style for when you don't want to feel like you're wearing a bra. One of its most useful features is its adjustable straps -- and option you don't often find in a pull-over style. It's also tagless, and made from seamless stretch nylon.

This style only comes in a band size up to 38. (If you don't know your band size, here's how to measure.) If you wear a larger size, check out the other styles on the next pages.

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