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Sports Bras for Every Size & Activity


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D and DD Cup Sizes
Sports bra styles for a D or DD Cup size.

Sports bra styles perfect for a D or DD Cup size.

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Cup Size D or DD: Low Impact Style

Above on the left is the Luna Sports Bra by Moving Comfort.

This style is available starting at a B cup and ending at DD. For sports bras sized in this way - the support level will typically decrease as the cup size increases.

This means that although this sports bra is supportive enough for high impact activities in smaller cup sizes, I suggest wearing it only for low impact ones if you are a D or DD cup.

This sports bra is an encapsulated style, with seamless molded cups. It has bonded seams to prevent chafing, and a ventilated mesh area in the front to keep you cool.

Cup Size D or DD: High Impact Style

Above on the left is the Extreme Control Sports Bra by Anita Active.

Anita Active is a brand that specializes in large cup sizes. Even though they make sports bras in smaller cup sizes as well, when this brand says a specific style is designed for maximum support, you can usually count on it.

And I think you'll feel fully supported - and comfortable - in this sports bra, which is designed to minimize bounce during any high impact activity. It's also designed to provide full coverage, which is what every D and DD cup girl needs.

I also love this sports bra's wide padded straps, and full mesh back that will keep you cool.

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