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Why Madonna is the Queen of Lingerie


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The Iconic Cone-Shaped Bustiers
Why Madonna is the Queen of Lingerie
PHOTOS: Top L: Mario Tama/Getty Images; Bottom: Oli Scarff/Getty Images; Rt: Kevin Mazur/Wire Image

Madonna's outfits have always made headlines.

She practically pioneered the underwear as outerwear trend, starting long before Katy Perry busted out her wacky bras. She's even been more naked in public than Lady Gaga.

Soon, Madonna will be designing her own bras, for the Truth or Dare Intimates line.

So from now on, the Queen of Pop is the Queen of Lingerie. (To me, at least.)

Madonna's Latest Look
Madonna is singing Vogue on opening night of her MDNA tour -- May 31, 2012 -- in the large photo above. The transparent cone-shaped corset she's wearing -- was reinvented by Jean Paul Gaultier, the style's original creator.

Some have said it looks space-age, others have called it a 3-D bustier -- Gaultier says it's a cage corset.

Madonna's First "Cone" Corsets
The first cone-shaped bustier Gaultier designed for Madonna (above, top left) was back in 1986. She danced around in it during her Open Your Heart video, and then wore it on her Who's That Girl tour.

However, with slightly smaller "cones," the black and gold bustier just didn't have the impact that the next cone-shaped style did, a few years later.

Making Fashion -- and Lingerie -- History
Madonna wore the cone-shaped corset in cream (above, bottom left) during her Blond Ambition tour in 1990, under a black pants suit while singing Express Yourself.

When she removed her suit jacket halfway through the song, revealing the risqué style, it was truly a fashion moment. From then on, Gaultier was a household name -- and the iconic look claimed its place in pop culture history.

The photo shows the cream-colored bustier on display at an exhibition in London in 2009, Simply Madonna: Materials of the Girl.

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