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Valentine's Day Lingerie


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Celebrate V-Day in Sexy Undies
Photo courtesy of Victoria's Secret

Is Valentine's Day a big date-night for you? If it is, you'll need something fancier than your Fruit-of-the-Looms to wear under a nice dress.

Or maybe you're just planning a casual date-night at home? Even if the most dressed up you'll be on February 14th is putting on jeans instead of yoga pants, you can still wear cute underwear in honor of the holiday.

Plus, you never know - wear cute little hearts on your tights and you may catch the eye of that special someone.

Here's a few of my V-Day picks on the following pages...recently updated for 2014:

The Lace-Trim Cheeky: Shown above is the Lace-Trim Cheeky panty by Very Sexy at Victoria's Secret.

This nylon/spandex panty has sides designed to lay flat so it shouldn't show lines under clothing. The pretty trim is made from ultra soft lace, so it shouldn't feel itchy.

This panty's sexy high cut 'cheeky' back is a trendy Brazilian cut style

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