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Racy Lingerie


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Risque styles & daring date-night toys...
Fancy a leather whip? You can get this one at SomethingWicked.com

Fancy a leather whip? You can get this one at Something Wicked

Photo © Something Wicked

Need to spice up your love life a bit?

Or have you been fantasizing lately, after reading 50 Shades of Grey?

(Sidenote: Pack a few of these racy styles and head to the fancy hotel room from the book, where some of the sexiest scenes are said to have taken place.)

Personally, I don't get the hoopla surrounding that now infamous book.
(I prefer the hilarious parodies compiled in 5 Funniest Readings of 50 Shades of Grey.)

But I am all for anything that encourages women to wear racy lingerie. And when the book's popularity soared, so did sales. Lingerie stores -- and even hardware stores -- reported an increase in the demand for sexy date-night toys (like whips...and rope!).

I truly believe that wearing sexy lingerie encourages women to have a healthy body image - and breeds self-confidence.

So if the one thing that the graphic novel has accomplished is to help women (especially American women) become more experimental in the bedroom - and less uptight about wearing racy lingerie, then that's a good thing.

Our true power comes from within, but no one can deny that what we wear on the outside, and how we look, affects how we feel - drastically. And it's those confident feelings that help us to change on the inside, where it counts.

Some of these racy styles and adult toys on the following pages may be a little too risque for you...
and that's okay. But, don't knock it 'til you try it, as the saying goes. There are women who will swear by the rush of power they feel when holding a whip in the bedroom.

Just remember this bit of advice...
It's from The Flirt Expert Rachel DeAlto, author of Flirt Fearlessly, who made me realize there is a lingerie dress code that you should remember when you're dating.

DeAlto advises: "Dressing racy should be saved for when you are in a committed relationship -- unless you are not looking for a relationship at all! So while you are just flirting and newly dating, keep it classy and leave something to the imagination."


For those of us who aren't flirting or newly dating...
The leather whip above is available at Something Wicked, along with the garter belt and thigh-high stockings.

Don't miss the next racy style...if you dare...

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