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How To Tie a Corset


How To Tie a Corset
How To Tie a Corset

All types of women - from brides to Goth chicks - wear corsets - and in so many different ways. But - what do you do with all those laces in the back? If you're wearing your corset under clothing, how can you possibly hide them? If you're waist-training, how can you make sure you are lacing your corset properly - and tight enough? Here's everything you need to know about lacing up a corset.

First, should a corset should be laced from top to bottom, or from the bottom up?

There isn't any one correct way to lace a corset - but it depends on the style. Some will look best if the laces end in a bow at the top, others like the bottom. But the most serious waist trainers will say you should lace a steel-bones corset so that it ends in the middle - to mkae sure your corset is the tightest it can be.

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