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How to Keep Your Thigh Highs Up


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Option 2: Look for 'Stay-Ups'
How to Keep Your Thigh Highs Up
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No Garter Belt Required
You don't always need to wear a garter belt to keep thigh highs up. The styles that are specifically made to be worn without a garter belt are called Stay Ups or Hold Ups.

Usually, the name Stay Ups is used by hosiery brands made or sold in the U.S., and brands from the U.K. or Europe are called Hold Ups - but they mean the same thing.

Need a few examples?
Here are 10 thigh highs that will stay-up.

Just remember - all thigh highs are not created equal. Some brands will say that they will stay up, but they won't. (Believe me, I know...I've recently tried over a dozen brands.)

The thigh highs that will stay in place the best are usually the ones that describe the specific type of 'stay up' feature they use. Often, it's an extra wide band of elastic at the top, and sometimes silicone or other "gripping" features are added to help keep the stocking up, comfortably.

Recent advancements in fabric technologies have made it possible for brands to launch these new features for thigh highs - so now they're more comfortable, and more reliable, than ever before.

In the Photo Above: The thigh highs shown are Wolford's Individual 10 Stay Ups (Buy Direct).

Wolford is a pricey brand. But, if you've got a special occasion coming up, or a night of dancing ahead of you, you'll be glad you shelled out the big bucks in exchange for comfort. Plus, Wolford hosiery will last for years, as long as you care for your lingerie in the right way.

(And if you're on a budget - like I always am - you can always find a great items on sale...follow my newsletter, facebook page or Twitter feed so you don't miss any sale postings.)

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